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Situated in the Mitchurinskaya street, 2, in Rostov-on-Don, the hotel «Tesoro» meet guests’ high demands. Seven hotel rooms offer a friendly, cozy and comfortable ambience.

At the moment there are seven hotel rooms which are available for guests’ accommodation. In future it is planned to put into service 5 exclusive two-level rooms, where sleeping area and leisure zone will be separated. Refined design in different color range and well-chosen original furniture are in perfect harmony together. Guest rooms are classified as follows: «Comfort», «Standard», «Standard Plus», «Standard Double Room».

The hotel «Tesoro» is located in the Mitchurinskaya street, 2, in Rostov-on-Don in 5 kilometres from the city center (8 bus stops), in 5 kilometres from the railway and bus station, in 8 kilometres from the stadium «Rostov Arena».



Отель Тесоро